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2023 Springtime Landscape Update


Springtime is here.  We had a very wet winter season and with the onset of warm weather we will be facing the dilemma of weed control.   

The first phase of weed control has already begun for the District.  Our method is to put down pre-emergent in flower and shrub beds starting in March.  It is an herbicide.  It typically last for 3-5 months.  It prevents weeds from sprouting each season.  From May through August, we spray to treat for weeds and utilize hand-pulling of weed clusters.  Post-emergent assists with the new weeds that are either blown in or that sprout in outlying areas.   

Native areas:  The first mowing of native areas happens in April.  Its purpose, while aesthetic helps to inhibit weed growth.  Any re-seeding would have been completed the previous fall. Native areas are only mowed in the Fall if needed otherwise they are only mowed once per year.   

Aeration and the first fertilization of manicured turf areas occur in April.  A second aeration and fertilization will occur in the Fall.

 All Operations and Maintenance plans are dependent on weather patterns and can be altered by wind, precipitation, and temperature.  To review the Districts full Operation and Maintenance plan please click on the link below.

If you see weeds or other landscaping concerns on District property, please feel free to report them to the District at

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